Oil and gas – multi-gas detectors for hazard detection

In oil and gas processing plants, workers are constantly exposed to high concentrations of flammable and toxic gases that can adversely affect their health in the long-term. Critical places within the plant are valves and pipelines where due to the wear and tear of their joints there is a gas leak.

Dangerous places are also warehouses of processed petroleum and petrochemical products. Pressure tanks in the event of irregular maintenance emit explosive and toxic fumes that can cause accidents in the event of prolonged exposure of workers or the presence of combustion sources.

Therefore, employees must use a portable gas detector before entering and during their stay inside the plant. Gas permeability checks in confined spaces and openings can be performed using manual or automated sampling systems.

In our range, we recommend the MultiRAE portable gas detector for this type of application. It can monitor up to six different gases simultaneously. It offers the possibility of detecting volatile organic compounds (VOC) and 25 different gases. This allows it to be used in a variety of applications.

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