Petrochemical plants use mixtures of crude oil and convert it into mixtures of hydrocarbons used in many end products.

Chemical plants produce plenty of products and raw materials. The nature and diversity of chemicals produced and used in production present a hazard to property and personnel. This type of plants therefore use different flammable and toxic gas detectors in production plants.

Typical applications:

  • Crowded spaces
  • Hydrocarbon detection flanges and seals
  • Ventilation systems
  • Unloading units
  • Raw material warehouses
  • Process units
  • Laboratories
  • Compressors

Typical gases:

  • Flammable: Various hydrocarbons including Methane, Propane, Ethylene, Kerosene, Resins
  • Toxic: Various including Hydrogen sulfide, Hydrogen fluoride, Ammonia, Sulfur dioxide
  • Oxygen: Oxygen deficiency
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