Numerous hazardous gases are present in maritime and shipbuilding. Liquefied gases, fuels, chemicals and other fossil fuels pose a risk of explosion.

In addition, there is a risk of suffocation due to oxygen depletion when nitrogen or another gas is used as the inert gas. Toxic gases such as Hydrogen sulfide also present a significant risk.

Typical applications:

  • Measurement of gas presence in tanks and cargo spaces
  • The interior of ships
  • Crowded spaces, eg boiler rooms, cargo spaces
  • Inertization and purification
  • Gas leak detection
  • Air chambers
  • Flue gas exhaust systems

Typical gases:

  • Flammable: Various hydrocarbons such as Liquefied natural gas and Methane
  • Toxic: Hydrogen sulfide and Carbon monoxide
  • Oxygen: Oxygen deficiency
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