Residental rooms – a silent killer

Carbon monoxide is an invisible odorless and tasteless gas that is dangerous to humans and animals. Due to the human inability to detect his presence, he is often called a “silent killer”. Increased concentrations of carbon monoxide result in headaches, loss of balance, and ultimately loss of consciousness.

It occurs as a by-product of incomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels, for example, coal, gas, wood. Since these fuels are used in most households for heating and cooking, it is important to protect yourself with adequate devices that will warn of the presence of carbon monoxide if there has been a gas leak in gas installations or incomplete combustion of solid fuel.

It is recommended to install devices in places where the family stays the most, for example, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom. It is also suggested to install it in places where a heating source is presented (boiler room).

Carbon monoxide detectors are installed near the gas source, not next to the source. Since the density of carbon monoxide is similar to the density of air, it spreads evenly along the room, so its placement along the opposite wall will be a much better choice than installation next to the device itself, which uses fuel.

It is advisable to place the detector at a lower height because carbon monoxide accumulates most along the floor of the room.

From our range, we recommend X-Series carbon monoxide detectors. They are characterized by a long service life, fast gas detection and a strong alarm that will warn of its presence. To connect multiple detectors, we recommend purchasing the XW100 wireless module.

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