Maritime and shipbuilding – great risks in crowded spaces

Passenger and freight shipping is an important economic factor of every country. Cargo ships are powered by powerful engines with high consumption of marine fuel. Proper operation of the engine, which includes complete combustion of marine fuel, is essential for the smooth running of the voyage. Incomplete fuel combustion results in the emission of carbon monoxide inside the boiler room, which causes workers who enter the interior in a short time to lose consciousness, and in the most severe cases, deaths.

Therefore, it is important to install a carbon monoxide detector inside the boiler room. Besides fast gas detection, it should be connected to alarm systems that will activate in the case of an increased concentration of carbon monoxide.

In our range for this type of application we suggest the Honeywell Sensepoint XRL detector. It is characterized by the ability to detect various flammable, toxic gases and oxygen, and among other things, it detects carbon monoxide. It is easy to maintain and can be operated from a smartphone using the Sensepoint App.

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