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CIRRUS CENTAR d.o.o. was established in 2009 with the main goal of providing quality and globally recognized solutions for safe and productive business to our industrial customers and partners in the region.

We specialize in several key industrial segments, each of which is necessary for the safe and reliable operation of each plant.

The first are solutions for protection against hazardous gases in industrial plants, residential buildings and households.

Due to the fact that our solutions serve to protect professionals and citizens and require the highest possible industry standards, we have positioned ourselves in the long run exclusively with the world’s leading manufacturer – Honeywell Inc. or its Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS) division.

Honeywell SPS is the world’s largest and most famous manufacturer of professional protection and gas detection equipment, which has integrated almost a century of know-how in this field through numerous acquisitions, growth and development of technology.

Another important segment of our business is process analytics, where we offer our industrial customers the development, design and implementation of process analysis systems (process analyzers) in cooperation with the renowned global partner TECNOVA HT.

In the segment of industrial automation, we offer solutions for interfaces in industrial automation, data acquisition and remote control, and an important part are specialized measurements and instruments in energy and industry.

We offer our solutions through a complete process, from initial consultations with the user, through the development of the conceptual proposal and design to the delivery of the solution, commissioning and maintenance.

Our local professional team is certified, trained and authorized by global partners to service all devices, equipment and technology in the safe and Ex zone, in accordance with all relevant industry standards.

We are present with references in all important industries in Croatia and the region, from oil and gas extraction and refinery plants, through petrochemistry, process and pharmaceutical industries.

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