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Personal protectiondomestic
Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is dangerous to humans and animals. It is also colloquially called the “Silent Killer” because it is not possible to feel its presence. The first symptoms, fatigue and headache, are similar to the flu which makes it considerably more difficult to diagnose.
The longer the exposure to carbon monoxide and the higher its concentration, the more severe the symptoms occur, which include loss of balance, vision and consciousness. This can happen within minutes or hours, depending on the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air.
It is recommended that carbon monoxide detectors are placed in every room where the gas or fuel combustion source is located. It is also suggested that detectors are placed in rooms where person spent most of the time. In the case of caravans or boats where person stays and sleeps within one room, it is recommended to place the detector as far away from the place where cooking is done, but as close as possible to the place where the person sleeps.
Fires are also a phenomenon that causes large material and human losses on an annual basis. The fact is that homes that have a smoke or flame detector installed have a 50% lower mortality rate than homes without them. The longer people stay in a burning building, the less likely they are to be rescued because excessive inhalation of smoke causes dizziness. In this case, children are most exposed because they are often unaware of the danger posed by fire and do not react in time.
Proper positioning of smoke or flame sensors is important to increase the ability to detect such hazards in a timely manner and eliminate false alarms. It is recommended that detectors are located in places where smoke or fire can occur (kitchen, bathroom, staircase). It is also suggested that smoke or flame detectors are located in rooms where person spends most time (bathroom, living room).