Flow measurements are present in every corner of the process, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, processing, but also other industrial sectors.

There are numerous principles and requirements for measuring this physical quantity, without no serious automatic process control can start. Industrial flow measurement is a science in itself, and our many years of experience and reliable global partners in this segment can help you choose an adequate and optimal solution.

We cover all relevant areas and principles of flow measurement:

  • Electromagnetic meters (EM)
  • Turbine gauges
  • Multivariable (MV) scales – Pittot principle
  • Multivariable (MV meters) – measuring aperture / DP principle
  • Ultrasound scales
  • Non-contact ultrasound meters
  • Mass scales
  • Vortex scales
  • MID or billing criteria
  • Flow computers
  • Accessories and options
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The process of selecting an adequate flow meter in the process is not simple.

If you need advice, suggestion or solution – contact us! We can offer optimally designed and cost-effective solutions that will contribute to the productivity of your plant.